Request an excerpt from the land register

Request extract from the land register

You should know that!

The purchase or sale of a property is directly related to the application for an excerpt from the land register. Extracts from the land register are an important part, without which neither the purchase nor the sale can take place.

The fact that this is of such great importance lies in the information contained in the extract from the land register. Because it gives buyers and sellers information about:

  • ownership
  • structure
  • usufruct rights
  • mortgages

For this reason, the application for the basic extract is important and fundamental for the buyers and also for the owners of a property.

The extract from the land register

The copy of the land register page is also called the extract from the land register and provides all the important information mentioned above. Anyone who buys a property must know beforehand what liabilities they are accepting.

For this reason, it is essential to apply for an excerpt. A purchase and also a sale of a property should never take place without him. Since the land registers are officially public registers, those affected cannot fall back on any alternatives, but are dependent on the extract from the land register. However, those affected must first apply for this with the responsible body.

How do I apply for the extract from the land register?

Anyone wishing to apply for an excerpt from the land register can do so in two different ways.

Information about:

  • non-official service providers online
  • directly at the land registry

The application must be made in writing. But what does a land register excerpt look like? For these purposes, you can view a sample extract from the land register here and download it as a free PDF download.

However, in connection with the application for an extract from the land register, applicants must distinguish between private individuals/companies and institutions/companies.

Anyone wishing to apply for the extract from the land register as a private person must do so in person or in writing. The point of contact is always the responsible district court.

Where must the application be submitted?

After an individual and non-binding consultation by one of our cooperation partners, an appraisal of your property will be commissioned. It is prepared by an external and independent expert.

Can anyone apply for and receive a land register extract?

The applicant must have a so-called "legitimate interest" in order to be able to apply for the extract from the land register. The official must consider the reasons given, which is why it is at his discretion whether the applicant receives the extract or not. Unauthorized purposes and pure curiosity are excluded.

The property owners and all other rights holders have a so-called "unrestricted legitimate interest", which must be entered in the land register. Also

  • Authorities
  • Courts
  • Notaries

can apply to move out, provided they can invoke their duty to provide administrative assistance.

A legitimate interest can, with the disclosure of the reasons, also with

  • Banks or other lenders
  • Creditors who are in possession of an enforcement order
  • Direct neighbors who want information about the neighbor
  • Tenants who want to be sure that their landlord is really the one

legal ownership of the property is available.

You can also have a power of attorney from the property owner and thus receive an excerpt.

Does a land register extract involve costs?

In order to be able to apply for extracts from the land register, the applicants not only have to be entitled, but also have to pay for the costs incurred. These are regulated by law and currently amount to

  • 10 euros for a simple imprint
  • 15 euros for a certified imprint

When do the applicants need a certified and when do they need an uncertified extract from the land register?

The fact that applicants can choose between a certified and an uncertified excerpt from the land register is due to the different areas of application of the two variants.

Which variant the applicant should apply to the local court always depends on the person who needs and requests the extract.

Is it possible to apply online?

Applicants can go to the district court in person or send the written application to the authority by letter or fax, but it is also possible to submit an application online today.

Numerous providers on the Internet enable applicants to submit this simple and convenient application from home. The advantage for the applicant in this case is the simplicity of the application, since the providers fully represent him and take over the application for him. As a rule, the applicants have the option of picking up the excerpt from the respective district court or having it sent to them by post for a small additional charge. The documents can only be sent by e-mail in the federal states of Bavaria, Hamburg and Saxony.

However, applicants should also consider the time savings they get by using an external service provider.

With us as a broker, you get a comprehensive service that can save you a lot of time, work and effort. We are therefore happy to support you in applying for the extract from the land register. To do this, simply click on the button below.

Is it also possible to apply for the extract from the land register free of charge?

The costs for the excerpt from the land register are regulated by law. For this reason, the free application is not possible. If you need an extract from the land register for a bank or another institute, it should usually not be older than 3 months.

It may be that the owners who sell the house have a current statement and are happy to provide it, but in reality this is rarely the case. Since asking questions is known to be free, you should do this beforehand.

Conclusion :

The topic around the extract from the land register is very extensive. Applying for an extract in and of itself, however, is very simple. Applicants only need to meet the above criteria and pay the costs. We would be happy to help you with the transaction.

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